Envoyer l'article Report of the 9 september 2015 ------------------------------------------- Still a very nice fishing day in Horta for us. Perfect weather sea super calm, It was previous to go fishing Condor bank for all boats. On Nola, we have very nice clients from UK, just before to turn direction Condor, clients ask me to do whale watching and in same time target white marlin. We agree direction south of Pico, we change the shorts lines and replace by teaser to pitch white marlin in 30lbs and maybe blue in 80lbs. Trolling to ST Matheous bank and nothing, we have choice coming back to Pico or going to Azores bank. Ouf, they decide to go to Azores bank and it was the choice, just arrived a blue crash the teaser, we drive the fish at 2 meter of the boat and Lionel pitch with the 80lbs, hook up ,Anthony released a nice 500lbs. Azores bank was quiet and we decided fishing the rocks outside the bank and on the way back second blue about 300lbs released by Madame on the chair for the second fish. A very nice fishing day for all. à mes amis

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